How and Where to Apply Essential Oils

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How and Where to Apply Essential Oils


Essential Oils 101 – How to Apply: Essential oils are used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. Either a single oil can be used or a blend, depending on the user’s experience and the desired benefit. Essential oils are usually applied by being diffused aromatically or applied topically.


Due to the natural molecular composition of EOs, they’re easily absorbed by the skin and can be safely applied topically, sometimes diluted with a carrier oil and sometimes “neat” (undiluted). Once they’re applied, essential oils can have almost an immediate, localized effect to the area of where applied. They have restorative and calming properties and can be used very effectively in massage and beauty therapy. EOs are also natural disinfectants, many are antimicrobial and the similar chemical structure of essential oils allows them to be absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin for internal benefit throughout the body.

TOPICAL Placements:

1. Suboccipital Triangle: (picture at top of post) is a great place to apply an EO topically, this area sits at the base of the brain stem and close to the blood supply to the brain.

2. Feet: the bottoms of our feet boast the largest pores on our body and allow quick absorption.

3. Over the heart: A nice place for a topical application, I find it soothing and calming.

4. Localized: When aches and pains are involved, apply EOs directly to the area of discomfort and massage the oils in with carrier oil. I prefer solid organic coconut oil in these instances because it’s nutrient packed!


Our sense of smell influences lots of physiological pathways including the stimulation of hormones and other metabolic processes. Aromatherapy is founded on the body’s predictable response to specific olfactory stimuli. Essential oils are widely used in aromatherapy applications. Certain essential oils diffused in the air can be stimulating while others can be calming and soothing. Beyond emotional benefits, diffusing essential oils can purify air of unwanted odors and some airborne pathogens. Low or no-heat essential oil diffusers are recommended because they don’t change the chemical structure of the oil being diffused. EOs can also be used as cleaning and purifying laundry and surfaces in the home.

****the author of the original article also recommends internal use. Simply Lavender LLC recommends NEVER using essential oils internally. They are very concentrated medicine and can have harmful effects. One must be their own best advocate when treating an ailment with essential oils.



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