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FUN FACTS ON RELIGION, SPIRITUALITY AND ESSENTIAL OILS: From It is said that: In the ancient church, people were anointed, for healing purposes because healers were also priests or holy men and women. In some cultures, people go to a Shaman or Medicine Man or Woman for healing on all levels not just for the physical body. Essential oils are mentioned over 600 times throughout the bible. Jesus taught his disciples how to use essential oils and to do energy work. Incense is mentioned 68 times in the Bible �?? where 54 of these instances the oils of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Galbanum referenced. Incense actually means �??lebanoh�?� which in those times was frankincense. Frankincense is a symbol of holiness and righteousness. The gift of frankincense to the Christ child was symbolic of his willingness to become a sacrifice. The Hebrew word for anointing means to rub or massage a person with oil. This meant using healing oils of the Bible to bless that person on a physical and spiritual basis. True anointing is another lost art and science. Jesus�?? feet were anointed with oil several times in the Bible with Spikenard (lavender). HOW DOES TRUE HEALING OCCUR? It wasn�??t until the 20th century that physical and spiritual healing got completely separated. Allopathic medicine does not truly heal �?? however, it does get us out of crisis; and therefore while it is a necessary part of modern day society, it is not a cure all. And it certainly does not address the emotional and spiritual issues of dis-ease. In Mark 6:12-13, Jesus gives instruction to his disciples to �??anoint the sick with oils and heal them�?�. He also says that for healing one must repent which means that we must take mental accountability for our emotional and physical health and be open to healing by changing our belief systems or anything else that stands in our way. For complete healing to occur it must come from within self; and be in harmony with God (III Chronicles 7:14). So many of us believe that our doctors can heal or cure anything, but honestly the only one that can heal you is yourself. I am continually reminded that just 60 years ago modern medicine as we know it today didn�??t exist. But again, there is a place for it. And I encourage everyone to seek medical attention for themselves or animal when it is needed! Here is an example of a blend I sell: SERENITY: made with neroli, frankincense and white fir essential oils. NEROLI helps with shock, trauma, grief and depression. FRANKINCENCSE is for emotional release, fear of change or death and helps link past with future. WHITE FIR: helps us to connect with our higher self and enhance meditation. All three are grounding in nature. I highly recommend for anyone doing therapy for mental health. This is a good choice for anyone in �??emergency response�?� jobs. Also, great for those seeking a higher connection with their spiritual self.

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