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Allergy Relief, Bug Repellent, Focus Enhancer, Lullaby & 4 elements: WATER & AIR


ALLERGY RELIEF: Great for those plagued by seasonal allergy symptoms. FRACT COCONUT OIL, CEDARWOOD, TEA TREE, LAVENDER

BUG REPELLANT: made with grain alcohol, fractionated coconut oil and LEMON EUCALYPTUS (research shows this is the best EO for repelling bugs). Use for gnats, flies, mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, & fleas. Safe for children over 3 years old in very small quantities (spray their clothing on backside to be safe). 1 year shelf life.

FOCUS ENHANCER: (Safe topically for children over 6 years old) Helps with Irritability, exhaustion, attention, memory, and other ADHD/ ADD symptoms. FRACT COCONUT OIL, PEPPERMINT, ROSEMARY AND TANGERINE

LAVENDER BODY OIL: 4 oz made with sweet almond oil, vitamin E and vegetable glycerin. No harmful chemicals. SINUS EASE: (Safe topically for children over 10 years old) To ease sinus pressure and congestion, chest congestion, cough and headaches. FRACT COCONUT OIL,EUCALYPTUS, ROSEMARY, LAVENDER

4 ELEMENTS: Helps to unblock chakras and align meridians. Creates higher conscience and awareness.

AIR: Made with rosemary, lemongrass sweet orange for energy, inspiration, focus and logic. This blend helps to ease stress, boost alertness, increase confidence and help memory. Great for public speaking because it draws attention to you.

WATER: Made with grapefruit, tea tree, clove, cinnamon leaf for general healing and cleansing lymph system, kidneys, liver and other body systems.

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