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Ageless Face Serum, Muscle Soother, Tummy Soother


AGELESS FACE SERUM: NEW formula! straight from the fountain of youth! Use every night to diminish imperfections. ROSEHIP SEED OIL, GERANIUM, YLANG YLANG AND FRANKINCENSE

MUSCLE SOOTHER: Great for menstrual cramps, helps with inflammation such as arthritis, joint pain, bone pain, shingles and other nerve pains. Simply inhale scent and rub on affected area. (not recommended for anyone on blood thinners or with clotting issues) FRACT COCONUT OIL, WINTERGREEN, EUCALYPTUS, LAVENDER, CANNABIS SATIVA

TUMMY SOOTHER: (Safe for children over 3 years old) Great for nausea, car sickness and indigestion. FRACT COCONUT OIL, GINGER, PEPPERMINT, LAVENDER, CANNABIS SATIVA 

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