All's Well Aromatherapy 

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Why use our products?

We offer high quality aromatherapy blends to ease ailments and reduce need for prescription drugs and other pharmaceuticals. Aromatherapy is a non-invasive healing modality. I am able to create custom blends for you at a reasonable rate, made without harsh or toxic ingredients. I only use highly therapeutic oils and properly dilute all blends for safer usage. Traditionally speaking, this is what aromatherapists would do for people before essential oils were available at a retail level. This way you aren't stuck with buying a whole bottle of one essential oil or owning several that will take many years to use up.

Who are we?

We are celebrating our 7th year in business! I am  retired dental hygienist.  I have studied herbs and essential oils for over 15 years and I love sharing my knowledge with others. It is my goal to help you improve your well-being by making  less toxic choices. Contact me for your FREE consultation. Please note I work out of my home and do not have a storefront or store hours.
Breathe easy and Be well, Jeanie